Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obrira Binoculars - Wow what a difference!

I have been working with these little gadgets belonging to Blaine (our instructor) for the last couple of days. What a difference they make - if it looks good under this kind of magnification it looks amazing to the naked-eye. I have a pair on order - I just don't think I could live without them after using them for a few days. The field of vision on these things is just crazy, they blow optivisors out of the water - although they should do for the price! No more crouching over my bench for me, these give the best view about 10" away from the object in focus - and thats the whole object mind - not just the few mm you get with the optivisors.


  1. Where did you order your Obrira binoculars? I'm planning on getting a pair myself, and was wondering if you've seen them for a better price than $550 (which is what they cost from Rio Grande).

  2. Check out www.zeissloupes.com. The binoculars are located under the Hands Free Loupes section.

  3. Terri, you've peaked my interest on these Obriras. I'm heading to New Approach myself this summer.
    But I cannot seem to get to Obriras on Zeissloupes.com.
    Can you help by posting a direct link?