Sunday, February 15, 2009

Looking Forward to My First Day

This evening we all attended the school for a quick orientation and to go over all the rules and regulations - I didn't realize there would be pizza! I would have skipped the cupcake at Starbucks if I'd known! There are only seven of us in all, in a class that should have 18!! what an opportunity. I'm pretty confident I'm going to leave with 6 new friends though! everyone seems really excited to be there. One lady, Louis - drove 2500 miles! I thought I had a hard drive!

The actual studio where all the work is done is amazing, so clean, light, and spacious - it has just been refurbished too. I couldn't believe I was finally there - after the disappointment over the room, this was the best! So much more than I had even hoped for. If I don't come out of this course a great jeweler - I only have myself to blame!

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